Saturday, May 15, 2021


OMG!  #Bees !  It is that time of the year here in the Sea of Cortez and quite possibly many places where cruisers flock to for sunshine and sandy beaches.  Here, near #loretobcs , they are looking for fresh water.  Certainly their presences, as we are trained from birth, is a nuisance and we should get ride of them.  Thankfully science has proven the our very existence depends on these little creatures - who have a dart for a butt.  So how do we deal with this on Animal Cracker?

Well first we have been fortunate to get tips from others.  One of them is this bowl full of fresh water on the bow.  Give them what they want, except place the bowl where you want them.  This works pretty well but they are still out searching for more.  Of course below deck you have sinks, showers, etc.
- all fresh water. So we found you need more.

This is where the bug screen comes in.  We can fully enclose our cockpit with bugs screens.  This helps a ton, but it comes with a cost.  I think we paid a couple boat bucks for these to be made.  Not only do they help with the bugs but the summer sun is quite intense and they provide some level of shade so we can sit outside and enjoy nature, after all that is why we are here.

Our enclosed cockpit.  Creates more living space and of course keeps the the critters out!

We have the our dodger window open for ventilation.  But we stretch a screen across it so we keep out the bugs.

The final part, is we lined all our port screen with "no see'em" screen.  This is very fine netting that stops just about everything, including the wind sometimes 👿.  So we can keep all our ports open and the air moving - mostly.  

That is the end of my little rant this morning, why you say?  Well I got stung because we were to lazy to put all the 💩 up we bought to prevent that from happening.  Have a splendid day  


  1. Lmfao. I love reading about your adventures. I always learn something and they make me smile.

    1. Thank you. I hope they are funny and interesting. Maybe someone can learn from our journey or mistakes...LOL