Thursday, September 16, 2021

A quick visit with family

 We had the opportunity to to head north from San Carlos to the US and a quick visit with family.  There is a rental car company here, SixT, that rents nice cars and gives both US and Mexico insurance coverage.  That, along with their delivery right to the marina, makes life really easy.

We left the Marina, around 2 PM, after dropping off the dogs.  We found a great family who would watch the fur babies while we traveled.  The drive was pretty easy, about 4.5 hours to the border.  The desert was full of life after all the rain we have been getting.  All the shades of green against the red rocks of the Sonoran Desert is a sight to see.  Along the way we had to stop at a military check point.  We try to play that we don't speak Spanish, thinking they will just wave us through - and they did right to the secondary inspection👎.  It's a pretty easy drill, out of the car, bags through the X-Ray, they inspect the car with dogs and by sight.  I was glad not to be a truck driver, they get their cargo unloaded.  Anyone that thinks there are no inspections down here needs to drive a little further south.

On the advice of friends we went to the Mariposa checkpoint, Nogales 3 as it is known from the Mexico side.  No waiting, I love that!  The CBP agent was really funny, asked where we came from our reply "San Carlos."  He says "oh man I wish it was somewhere more interesting like Sinaloa so I could really ask some good questions!"  My thought was I don't go to those places, HAHA.  Just like that we were in America again.  I had been more than 1.5 years for me.

Another hour to travel to get Sierra Vista where we would be staying a few days to visit with Tyler, Marleigh and Ms. Luna.  Maybe even my Dad will drive down.  First order of business was a COVID vax for me.  My receiving the vaccine is not a political statement, it actually has little to do with my view of COVID.  As we head into Central America this year,  the immigration rules change if you have a valid vaccine card.  No quarantine to take up a large portion of your visa time.  So effective not effective, chip no chip - don't care.  This is part of the process we have to follow to lead the life that we choose - it's that simple.  In the end, I was able to walk into Walgreens and get the first shot, YAY we get to come back.

Seeing the kids was great.  It is nice, as parents, to see them doing well as parents, a couple and as individuals.  Ms. Luna, she is just to much fun.  Always a big smile, very loving and fun to hang out with.  It is pretty amazing to watch a 4 years old knock out 100 and 200 piece puzzle's like they are nothing.  She loves them and I don't have to play Barbies 👍

We had also been shipping boat stuff to the kids.  Tyler showed me his closet and much to my surprise we may had ordered to much for our little car.  Nonetheless, we consolidated and everything fit.  I always get very nervous to cross over the boarder with so much stuff.  However, we can do that with our boat parts because we have a TIP or Temporary Import Permit.  This allows the boat to be in Mexico for 10 years, tax free.  It also allows us to bring repair parts, for the boat,  tax free.  Sometimes you may find a customs agent that doesn't know what a TIP is and that gets a little dicey.  Knock on wood that has not happened to Tami and I.

Time to head back.  An hour drive from Sierra Vista and we are back at the border.  This time, well every time, I will have to stop and get a new FMM or Tourist Permit.  That little baby makes me legal to be in Mexico for 180 days.  This stop is just feet away from crossing, so back in the car to see our fate.  As luck would have it the guy in front of us got the red 🟥 light and we got the green 🟩.  I quickly drove around and kept moving.  Just like that we are back in Mexico and for me my stress level drops about 10,000%.

After 4+ hours we are back at the boat.  All is well, dogs are good, weather is hot ASF and we are a few steps closer to our haul out on Oct 2nd.  Oh and the dogs got baths, BONUS.