Sunday, October 16, 2022

Passage from Chiapas to Zihuatanejo - 5 days at Sea

Hola!!! Thought I would give you a daily update on how it’s going at sea.

Day 1. We got out of the marina around 1pm. We had to wait for the Mexican Navy to check us out of port and they also bring a drug dog on board. We are very close to the boarder of Guatemala so they run a tight ship in Chiapas. It feels good to get out of marina. Since I haven’t been out on the ocean for 5 months I experienced sea sickness. I was able to do a 4 hour watch the first night.
        Leaving the marina

Day 2. Getting in a groove of being out at sea. We had 3 other boats that we left with so able to communicate is nice. We have been motor sailing most of the day. Was able to do a longer watch 5 hours to let the captain sleep. It’s very hot out on the water so it’s difficult to sleep well. Downstairs it’s around 90-95 degrees.
              Epic sunsets

Day 3. Moving right along and today we get some wind to sail. I think we sailed for 6 hour which it is nice to shut the engine off. Today we had lots of long lines to deal with (5 total). 
It’s illegal to use these in Mexico but they are everywhere. And if you don’t see them then they can wrap around your prop. We did install a prop cutter device when we hauled out. I was able to do 5 hour watch tonight. Amazing bioluminescence in the water, fish glow in the dark, it’s a pretty cool sight.

Day 4. Much of the same stuff, trying to sleep when we can. The internet is working so that’s different for us out here. Sissy has turned a corner and started going pee and poop on the boat. She hated change, if I walk her up to the bow (we have a grass pad) she won’t go. Guess she doesn’t like an audience. Saw a lot of cargo ships during the night. Was able to do a 6 hour watch so Captain Scott could sleep. We had a lot of squall’ (lighting and rain). It made for a beautiful watch.

Day 5. Put the fishing lines out and caught one and we lost it but the second time was success. It was a Maui Maui and pretty good size.

We are 30nm to Acapulco and another 100nm to Zihuatanejo, which is our destination. One more night watch tonight and we should arrive tomorrow afternoon. It has been a pleasant sail, only wished we could sail more instead of motor sail. Love it when we turn the engine off. We have seen lots of turtles and pods of dolphins. 

Tessie loves when we catch a fish! And sissy needs her beauty sleep

Tomorrow we will celebrate the boat not moving!! Cheers!!

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